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So, you’re interested in replacing the Titans in your E-Maxx with something else.  You’ve decided you don’t want another set of Titans, you can’t afford a brushless setup, and you don’t want the maintenance that comes with a set of modified motors (replacing brushes, turning the comm, etc.). What other options are there?  Plenty!!!

All you need to do is find a supply of DC motors that are relatively cheap, perform as good as or better than the Titans, run on 12 to 14.4 volts, and won’t fry your EVX (watch that amp draw!).  Potential motors are everywhere!  Cordless drills, vacuums, toys, you name it.  Surplus dealers are a good source too.

In the following two articles I cover a small block replacement and a big block upgrade. Click on the appropriate motor or link and read on.

Small Block

Big Block